Tijuana, Mex

Calle 3ra. #2217

Zona Centro

  Tijuana, B.C.,Mexico


U.S. (619) 308-7999

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By Mexicoach

The Mexicoach is a transportation service for tourists that want to visit Tijuana. It is a quick and easy way to travel back and forth across the border. With the Mexicoach you simply park your car at the Border Station Parking Lot on the U.S. side (the Mexicoach boarding station is located inside the Border Station Parking Lot) and take the shuttle to Revolution Ave in Tijuana. The Mexicoach will leave you a short block and a half away from our dental clinic on Revolution Ave. When you are ready to return to the U.S. the Mexicoach will take you back to the Border Station Parking Lot. Because tourism has been down in recent years, we strongly recommend you check with the Mexicoach service to inquire about their shuttle schedule (www.mexicoach.com). We reimburse you (the patient(s)) and a companion) for the cost of the Mexicoach, which is between $6 and $8 round trip.   Please see directions below on how to arrive at the Border Station Parking Lot and how to arrive at our clinic once in Tijuana.

Drive down the I-805 or I-5 south and take the last U.S. Exit. You will see the Border Station Parking Lot to your right. At the entrance of the parking lot you will find the Mexicoach waiting area. 

The Mexicoach will leave you at the corner 3rd Street and Avenue Negrete (the first available stop).  We are located on 3rd Street between Avenue Negrete and Ocampo Street.  Walk a short block and half to arrive at our location.  

From I-805 South or I-5 South to Mexicoach Bus

We will pick you up from any hotel or Mexicoach bus stop.

From Mexicoach Tijuana to Dental  Clark Clinic

The web link to the Mexicoach is www.mexicoach.com